Transformers Prime Rib

20130515-034337.jpgI am long time Transformers fan. Back in the long ago, I had as many of the toys I could manage to get my family to buy. I waited for and watched every episode of the original cartoon series. I even had some of the comic books. I even remember seeing the animated movie at the theater when it was released.

The fact that this series of cartoons existed was not news to me but I never got to see any of it until recently when Netflix dropped the first two seasons on me. Of all the good things I heard about this particular series, I can agree with all of them. The series has its own story arc. So expect to see some familiar faces and new characters. Also, expect to see some twist and variations on established characters and even some story lines.

The story line of the series seems both well developed and written. Being a fan of the older series did cause some anxiety at points when you had to suspend your knowledge of how you’ve seen familiar situations work out. The voice casting truly compliments the writing. There were a lot of voices that you know and a few you can recognize. Peter Cullen plays Optimus Prime as well as ever but makes you wonder what will come of the role when he can no longer voice it.

My only disappointment is the fact that Netflix does not have the entire series available. Going back and seeing a new version of an old favorite left me wanting for more. Hopefully Netflix can secure the remaining episodes in the near future so I can complete my meal of this fine series.