A Revisited Development

arresteddIf you don’t know what is happening on May 26th then maybe this post isn’t for you. Of course, I write of the Netflix exclusive release of Arrested Development’s fourth season. It’s been ten years since the series began and seven since it came to its broadcast end. Ever since, there has been a swell of anxious demand, unfounded rumors, and disbelief. Time after time there were announcements that the series was finally making a comeback. So much so that I didn’t believe Netflix had actually pulled it off when they announced it. Only when the cast and crew starting making reports and posting pictures of the filming did I finally believe.

I found that the most reasonable way to prepare for this was to watch the existing three seasons from beginning to end. I laughed again at all the classic lines, such as – “There’s always money in the banana stand”, “Bees?!?”, “Mr. Manager”, “Hermano”, and “I’ve made a huge mistake”. I found that I saw even more of the inside jokes, running gags and comedic foreshadowing than ever before. Apparently I was too busy laughing all the other times I watched the show to pick up on all the little nuances and I still doubt that I’ve discovered them all even now. It even sparked a conversation with a friend of how much of the series was scripted out past its run that they had to be wrapped up prematurely. I can only guess that the writers had an additional two seasons already written that they had to abandon and write what is most obviously a forced ending to the show’s original run.

If you have Netflix then you have the new season available to you all in smorgasbord format upon its release. Get ready to gorge yourself on the return of the Bluth family. But after all these years it is hard to tell if the effort will meet anybody’s expectations but any true fan should be extremely happy to see something they love comeback. My bigger concern is if Netflix’s network will be able to handle the load when the release happens. I suspect that there will be a large amount of viewer’s trying to access this show as soon as it arrives. The other test might be how many times everybody can hit refresh while waiting for Netflix to post the episodes.

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