Borederlands, too.

borderland2This game was a purchase made from Amazon’s Black Friday sale. The game was $25 for the PS3 during the sale(it cost $31.50 as of 4/27/2013). I had played part of the original Borderlands after if was given as a free download to Playstation Plus subscribers(a service that I highly recommend for PS players but that is another topic). Unfortunately, the things I didn’t care for in the first game are the same things I didn’t care for in the second game. I will say that perhaps its not a problem with the game itself but rather my gaming preferences. The second installment in this franchise did clean up some of the mechanical issues that plagued the original. The inventory system was much easier to use and the mission catalog was clearer on what missions were related to the story and which were optional. With that said, the weapon system was still frustrating at best. Randomly finding guns and upgrades was in no way gratifying. To endlessly loot boxes and bodies for meager returns quickly became a point of discontent. Even with the introduction of Shift Codes, this weapon system is lack luster as the weapons you are given with the codes are not necessarily any better than ones you may find with normal looting. The stats listed on items did not always compare well and made choosing items to use confusing. Sometimes the only way to be certain about how an item would work out would be to use it. Unfortunately this experimentation had to be done in game and could lead you into failure. Granted, you did have the option to try weapons in a gun range style area but you couldn’t get a feel for you the item would work in combat.

The plot of the game was an off the mark continuation of the first game. You play as a vault hunter that was not present in the first game. During your play through of the game you do come across and work with several of the characters from the first. If you are so inclined, you could play this game without ever having played the original. The fact that the story did work on it’s own and any ties to the previous game were clearly and immediately explained was a positive. The negative is the┬árepetition. The missions you are sent to complete are typically the same. You have to fight your way through an onslaught of enemies and either retrieve an item or activate something. Add to the repetition the time that had to be wasted constantly travelling across and in-between areas to complete these task. Fast travel is available to each area after you discover it but it has a limited usefulness as you can only activate fast travel from a limited number of locations and it is not always readily apparent what area you need to go to to complete your current task.

I won’t say don’t play this game but I will suggest caution. Be prepared for what type of game it is and what type of game you want to play. I did play this game through and completed the entire story. It even inspired me to go back and complete the original Borderlands. This won’t be a game that I will be playing again anytime soon, however. Perhaps if you are playing online with other people and enjoy grinding away to raise your characters level and abilities then this game would be something you would enjoy.

Everybody has s…

Everybody has something to say…it’s not necessarily something anybody wants to hear.

The base philosophy that I plan to use and encourage others to use. With the age of immediacy being ruined by the Internet and all of its misuses, a slower pace to distribute content should be used to allow for logic, reason, and levelheadedness to at least have a chance. Far too often has a person posted a statement or photo to a social media outlet only to immediately regret it. Unfortunately by the time that point has come the damage has already been done and deleting the post does not erase it from the memories and minds of those that saw it. There is no delete from the court of public opinion.

My plan is to write the content I post prior to the actual post. The urge to post instantly is hard to resist as there is always “an app for that”. However, I would like to give the opportunity to time and thoughtfulness. Additionally, I’m not racing against anyone but myself to post any content.